Americans for Better Borders

The goal of the Americans for Better Borders (ABB) coalition is to unite regional business organizations and a wide array of companies and national trade associations representing manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, transportation, recreation, and other industry sectors to work to ensure the efficient flow of goods and people across our borders while addressing national security concerns.

The ABB was originally founded in 1998 and was successful in achieving a workable compromise on Section 110 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

For more information or to join the coalition please contact:

Michael Dendas at  202-463-5621 or

Along with chairing Americans for Better Borders, the U.S. Chamber is also involved in many other coalitions continuing the cause of strengthening our Country’s security without hindering economic growth.

>The U.S. Chamber recently co-chaired a coalition, along with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which produced a comprehensive economic analysis of the negative effects of the growing delays and costs associated with border crossings.

You can view the study here:
Border Study “Finding The Balance: Reducing Border Cost While Strengthening Security” (PDF)

» The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was also appointed to the Secure Borders Open Doors Advisory Committee (SBODAC) to the Department of State and Homeland Security.

See the Committee’s latest report here: SBODAC Final Report (PDF)